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Our mission

We are delighted to inform you that we are developing our business and have long-term goals and the means of implementing them.

Market Access Solutions (MAS) was established by a team of professionals and has years of practical experience in the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries. With our significant experience in medical technology assessment, we are conducting scientific research to enhance the economic efficiency of government spending and to improve the healthcare system in the Russian Federation.

Our aim is to partner with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and research companies to provide market access and business development services that maximize the value of our clients’ product investment and the impact on economic and clinical outcomes.

MAS provides its partners with the hard comparative economic and clinical value data to justify premium pricing, to support effective market positioning, and to make the right decisions during a product's life cycle. By conducting market, pharmacoeconomic and clinical-economic research, we provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of the opportunities and recommendations concerning the types of products that will best thrive in the market place.

Our regulatory team offers support and help with all regulatory issues, from obtaining regulatory approval to providing pharmacovigilance systems in accordance with the developed regulatory strategy.

Having significant experience in executing clinical trials, MAS will conduct, monitor and enforce clinical trials, including bioequivalence and observational studies. We take on the entire process and provide overall project management, monitoring of support, and the individual service that our clients need. We carefully check all data used in our work, which allows us to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the information we provide in accordance with the ICH GCP standards.

Why Market Access Solutions? MAS believes that the key to successful solutions is based on understanding and establishing product value.Assessing the elements of a product’s commercial value requires a thorough understanding of the correlation between price and payment. Commercial success of all products and technologies is driven by their value and the willingness of the payers in the health systems to pay. How best to develop data demonstrating that the product reduces cost or improves clinical outcomes compared to alternatives and communicate that value is the principal focus of our services.

We have well-developed relationships in the Russian market and offer unique perspectives of its healthcare system as it evolves. Our team works hand in hand with clients to ensure that all our projects are individualized and meet their needs to the highest professional standard.

Our tangible data allow us to determine the economic value, reimbursement issues, and target price of a particular drug or device. This lets us work with clients to provide value based pricing and optimize the reimbursement potential, so they can realize the full economic potential of medicines and innovations.

Current Market Drivers and Market Access. In the past, product makers traditionally focused on physicians’ reaction to product attributes, and product value often relied on KOL reactions to these attributes. Today, however, payers generally view the value of a new product in terms of its potential to improve patient management and overall treatment costs.

A clear understanding of how the product will be paid for and who will pay for it is essential to successful market access. Payment policies and potential changes should be understood before the target product profile is established. MAS provides research in the reimbursement landscape and key factors of success of a product access strategy. This research includes:

-examination of requirements for cost-effectiveness and quality of life, budget impact data, and analyses of safety and efficacy;

-exploration of formulary entry strategy, reimbursement barriers, treatment guidelines, and special funds to pay for medicines.

MAS recommends that companies address commercial issues (market access, pricing, reimbursement, health economics and outcomes research) as early as Phase II because the traditional requirements for regulatory approval – safety, efficacy, and quality – are no longer enough to satisfy a payers increasingly oriented to long-term health outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

In spite of the fact that there is no single approach to assess economic and clinical value, and HTA is an approach that has still not been implemented in the healthcare system in Russia, we offer unique solutions, with accuracy and strategic foresight, that optimize strategies within the current and future market environments.

Our team has experience in market access, pricing, reimbursement and marketing services required to bring a product to market. Our professionals apply their high-level skills in developing market access, pricing, and reimbursement assessments that effectively meet a multiplicity of marketing challenges for our partners.

Our services:

· Strategic market research and opportunity assessment

· Doctor / Patient Surveys

· Pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, health economics and outcomes research

· Pricing / Reimbursement research and market access recommendations

· Regulatory affairs

· Clinical trials

· Business processes structuring

We adhere to high quality standards and ethical business principles.

We are ready to answer your questions. To get more information, please visit our web page at http://market-access-solutions.ru.

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