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Elena Nevolina: "There is no regulation of prices ZHNV LP is not working"

Prices of medicines from the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) will change again. Proposals in this regard have been prepared on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets to "improve the regulation of prices to increase access to medicines." The document was published on the page of the Expert Council on contractual relationships, and on June 30 the report submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation. 
According prepared proposals, foreign manufacturers of preparations included in the List of Essential drugs will this year once the price of the drug to rebook. Domestic producers also offered annually to enable registered price change by an amount that will exceed even inflation rates this year (in any case, such a wish expressed by Victor Dmitriev, executive director of the Association of Russian producers ARFP in an interview with "Vedomosti".) 
Medication list VED, which today focuses "anything and everything," make up a third of all commercial sector drugs with annual sales, according to DSM group, more than 600 billion rubles (as of 2013). 
Prices of medicines from the list for four years VED regulated by Ministry of Health, together with the Federal Tariff Service. They recorded marginal producer prices, and wholesale and retail markups in the territories of the set. Actually, now once a year, Russian companies can raise the price of drugs in accordance with the inflation forecast. For foreign companies no such right. FAS believes that for this reason foreign manufacturers overcharge. 
Now the Ministry of Economic Development offers cheap medications are generally not regulated, so they do not disappear from the market, because now with the current regulation of prices unprofitable manufacturer. Plus, domestic producers will be able to register even higher annual rates of inflation, if they prove their cost growth (updates, etc.). And, of course, understand that this increase in drug prices, both imported and domestic products will be inevitable. 
But the Ministry of Health are particularly concerned about rising prices for imported drugs, because they constitute the bulk of the VED List. For the same reason the Office oppose the regulation of prices for cheap drugs. 
In the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (AIPM) believe that prices VED foreign production today are forgiving because virtually correspond to the price level of the second half of 2009. 
But if you have selected the correct approach to the regulation of drug prices? 
"Today there is no point in registering drug prices from the List VED - said in an interview with RIA AMI executive director of the nonprofit partnership to promote the pharmacy industry" Pharmacy Guild "Elena Nevolina. - This regulation does not work: all manufacturers register products with large overpricing. As a result, in some pharmacies can find cures for under registered. How can this be understood? So prices have registered with such a large margin that the consumer is easier to buy the right medicine at the pharmacy. But it does not matter, this is nonsense! "
Elena believes that the Ministry of Economic Regulation in determining drug prices not repelled from it. "Should be guided by the Ministry of Economic consumer - she said. - It is necessary for the entire VED list to adopt a single price list to all its member agents in each pharmacy were at the same price, and only manufacturer, wholesale link and pharmacy must agree among themselves what percentage of profit in this chain accounts for each player. "
Result innovations expert understandable. "After all these manipulations, even if they comply with all restrictions, I think prices will rise. It's inevitable. No regulation of prices for VED is not working, it must be admitted, "- she said. 
Incidentally, Nevolina proposal is not new. "More Health Minister Tatyana Golikova discussed the possibility of introducing a single rate VED - said RIA AMI director of the Institute of Public Health Yury Krestinskiy - but decided not to. While support for domestic companies need and clear, the situation can only allow a complete inventory of the drug not only on prices but also on the quality of drugs and their safety. It can be done, although it will require a lot of work. "
Speaking about the possible increase in drug prices, Krestinskiy notes that this depends on the index that market participants would take as a basis. "I think that foreign producers have enough difference to currency fluctuations, sverhindeksatsiyu they've got ..." - he said. 
Wait, what will they say in this regard by the Government, which has already received the report, but the discussion in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets yet been conducted. 
Irina Vlasova 
Source: ria-ami


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