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Prices VED: foreign companies are at a disadvantage compared to Russian

Some foreign manufacturers can stop the production of a number of essential drugs, Vedomosti. Their prices have not changed since 2010, and during this time the ruble fell heavily. "We have canceled or reduced orders for the production of drugs from the list of vital and essential (VED) in factories abroad," - said a top manager of the foreign producers of medicines. According to him, it can affect 15-20% of sales. Because of the substantial depreciation of the ruble production of such drugs is not profitable, he explains. 
Prices of drugs from the list of state-regulated: the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Federal Tariff Service (FTS) registers marginal producers' prices, the regions set wholesale and retail markups. Foreign producers recorded prices, based on the weighted average import price of the drug for the second half of 2009 and prices in 21 of the reference country. In 2010, prices were rebooked in rubles. Since then, they have not been revised - the operating method for setting prices for essential drugs does not allow foreign producers to do it. 
Previously, the company can offset the rising costs of production of essential drugs, increasing drug prices are not in the list, so now it will not turn: incomes are not rising, says the source, "Vedomosti". According to DSM Group, since December 2013. September 2014 vital medicines in pharmacies rose by 2.9%, on drugs not in the list - by 8.8%. In comparison, for the entire 2013 - 1 and 4.8%, respectively. 
Foreign companies are at a disadvantage in comparison with Russian, which can annually adjust prices to reflect changes in the cost of production, as well as indexing them to inflation, is transmitted through the Representative Director of Corporate Affairs at Pfizer Russian Tatyana Smirnova. If the price of drugs, the VED list will not be indexed for inflation and sharp changes in exchange rates, which is observed in the last six months, the Takeda is considering to stop or reduce the supply of unprofitable products, said CEO «Takeda Russia" Andrey Potapov. "If this decision is made, in our case, it will affect the delivery of a small amount of inexpensive drugs that can be replaced with generic counterparts, this market may not notice "- sure Potapov. 
Boehringer Ingelheim plans to deliver drugs in Russia from the list of VED in full and submitted to the Ministry of Health even five proposals for inclusion in the list of medicines, is transmitted through the representative director of the Department of Rosa Shahidova. Pfizer, according to Smirnov, also did not change the policy on essential medicines and apply for the inclusion of several drugs on the list. Sales VED not affect the performance of the company, said an employee of another manufacturer who does not plan to revise its policy. 
Source: gmpnews.ru


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